I'm so excited to launch the HIIT Mafia clothing line for men and women!  I was inspired by all of you!

Whether you have either been HIITing it with me for a long time or are looking to get going and feel like you need to get yourself in top shape, you are on this journey with me! 

You can now wear clothing that represents your pride in what you do to show off your hard work!

Thank you for your support!


​​Melissa Ioja is a Fitness Universe Bikini Pro, green belt in Krav Maga, and a HIIT expert who shapes bodies through High Intensity Interval Training workouts.

Along with her husband Adrian and her friend Jen, Melissa has created HIIT Mafia, a workout community that includes HIIT workouts, apparel, accessories, and more to celebrate your mental & physical breakthrough!

Whether you have tried every single workout program or you have wanted to get started and don't know how, HIIT Mafia will be able to provide the roadmap to your best self!

Whether through her YouTube videos or in person at Beach Cities Krav Maga in Westminster, CA, she helps to change one life at a time by unleashing your inner athlete via short intense workouts.  Everyone can find 15 minutes in their day, nothing can reshape you quite like HIIT. 

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Are you in?